It is the mission of Burlington Youth Hockey Association Inc. to govern and preserve a not-for-profit organization, 501(3), intended to support and provide skating opportunities to as many children as possible. It is our objective to cultivate sportsmansh
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Burlington MA
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Building a successful program starts at the base and providing the skaters the right teaching goes a long way, along with our current PSA professional instructor, BHSA is adding  former NHL Professional hockey player, Mike Pandolfo.

It is very important that the kids still learn the “basics” of skating before moving to hockey skills that is why we have design the four level system.  Levels one and two will focus on the skating while levels three and four provide the elements of hockey.  All skaters will be evaluated for proper placement and as the skaters skills improve they will advance to the next level.

Along side of our professionals, our hockey volunteers are parents who have played all levels of ice hockey and young adults who are participating in various High school and BHSA leagues, they are wonderful role models for our newest players. BHSA's entire lesson period is spent helping your child grow and prepare for a future in hockey.

A few items to note... A certified hockey helmet (with mask), gloves, knee pads, elbow pads and hockey stick are required for the clinic (see our equipment list).

Clinic skaters and volunteers must be registered via  and pay a $35 annual fee (valid for one year).  You need to print out your confirmation number and turn in a copy at the attendance table. Skaters 6 and younger are not charged the $35 fee, however they still need to register and turn in their USA Hockey numbers.